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Sunday, 13 November 2016

Making the world a better place can be as simple as changing… Nothing! By this I mean, electronic devices are getting smarter, such as, phones, credit cards, computers and iPads. However, I believe in some cases technology is not helping the world, unfortunately simple things are being overtaken by technology.

Going to the toilet should be easy, right? Wrong!
I’m waiting in the line to go to the new electronically controlled toilet at the Margaret Mahy playground

I walk into the silver shiny toilet. Then a lady's voice starts speaking out of nowhere! “Hello and welcome, please press the button on the wall to lock the toilet.” I glare at the wall, there's three buttons! Which button do I push? She never told me which one.

I push one button and the door closes. Then the door opens! I push the other button, the door closes. I sit down on the toilet. Then the door opens! I jump up, I hit the last button and the door closes.

The voice comes back on. “You have 10 seconds until the toilet unlocks!” What, no, I'm under a time test as well! The pressure is rising. Now I have stage fright and nothing is happening! Now how do you flush this thing? There's no button, nothing, the lady isn't telling me what to do!

I move on to washing my hands, after a battle with the electronic toilet my hair is puffy, my clothes are wet and my shoes are covered in soap! I stand by the door ready for it to open. I wait, and wait, and wait! “Thank you for coming,” says the voice! The door slides open and calming music wafts through the speakers.

So, when doing simple things like going to the toilet, technology can make this simple task really difficult. Now I wish I could say it all ends here but...

When leaving the Margaret Mahy playground we jumped into our family’s new car. “Mum do you really know how to drive this thing” I ask? “Don't worry” she replies, “I don't have to think, it’s a self driving car”. Then the voice comes back. “Hello and welcome please push the button on the screen to start the car”. I look over at the screen.

              There’s three buttons!

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  1. Amazing speech abbey loved the discripdive writing