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Wednesday, 29 June 2016


It was the very first time i was in Showtime. This year, I had decided to give Showtime ago. We were performing Beauty and the Beast. I had practiced my lines a thousand times. We all waited around in the library for the show to start. We all had our costumes on with makeup itching on our faces, and butterflies fluttering around in our stomachs. The show came! We took a deep breath. Hearts pounding, we stepped out on stage and faced the crowd. I stood on stage with technicolor lights beaming down on me. My mum and dad were in the crowd giving me the urge to smile in a very serious scene. The show whizzed past and we were rewarded with a cheering, clapping crowd. After the show my mum and dad came to congratulate me. It was an amazing night and I couldn't wait to come back and do it all again. 


  1. Very great writing abbey
    I loved how you gave Showtime a go
    And I like the bit were you said makeup itching on our faces

  2. I love how you described that you were proud without saying it and I love the saying “ butterflies around in our stomachs;-)