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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Term 1 reflection

I am at relational with my beat knowledge. Which means I can identify beat in different things and can explain the purpose of beat. For example, when we talked about the different ‘beats’ during different times of the day, and why those particular ‘beats’ sound different. For instance, at lunch our beat is fast and Lively. If we're at the library we have a slower beat because we are calm and relaxed. Our class has to keep a beat (Pumanawatuna). We all have to put hard work into what we're doing and not be silly. We all have to work sensibly that way we can keep the beat flowing, Pumanawatuna.

We had to keep the beat when we performed and rehearsed our Bruno Mars song, which was a song that reflected the vibe of our Discovery Time, it shows what kind of beat or pulse that our Discovery Time activities have. We have to all play our role and contribute to our group to keep the beat, or our performance would be a mess. My next step is to extended abstract which means I need to learn to understand the purpose of beat and be able to reflect on my role and make improvements. 

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