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Sunday, 8 May 2016

Mountain biking

                                            Pine needles blanket the track.
                                      My polished bike zooms along the track.
                                Dirt flies up and paints my bike brown and dirty.
                                         Towering trees sway in the wind.
                   The howling wind slaps my face as I glide further down the track.
                                    The track stretches out leading the way. 
                           Birds swoop out of there hiding place up in the trees.
                           Sudden sneaky turns unravel from behind the corner.


  1. Sudden sneaky turns unravel from behind the corner:
    I can relate to this because when I went mountain biking this could easily happen

  2. I think that this a very good one peace of writing I have had that same experience as you so I now exactly what you are talking about I think you capture mountain bikeing so well and if a had never been mountain bikeing before You would make me want to go mountain bikeing and I also feel like I am bikeing with you when I read this poem - Samantha ����