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Wednesday, 17 February 2016


The kernels were poured into the popcorn maker. It sounded like a piggy bank of coins being shook around. The popcorn maker started up. It's never ending hair dryer noise started. Then there was the sound of a short little pop. Out flew the first piece of daring popcorn ready to leave it's home and venture into the bowl. Then that little pop came again and out flew two more pieces. 

Soon the popcorn maker was spitting out heaps of mini little clouds. Little pieces of popcorn jumped up and down then they would fall back into the machine and thrown into the popcorn tornado. A welcoming smell of butter filled the air. Pieces of popcorn dogged the bowl as if they were playing a game of dodgeball. Out shot a little kernel. It flew threw the air like a steaming hot  bullet zooming towards it target. 

A piece of popcorn danced through the air and landed on my book. It felt bumpy and puffy like an old pillow. I picked it up. It was still a gentle heat. It gave my mouth a warm happy feeling and reminded me of cold drizzly days when I would be cuddled up on the couch with a blanket watching my favourite movie with popcorn. It made me feel calm and relaxed. The big yellow popcorn making monster’s roar became quieter. The last few pieces of popcorn were spat out. The monster’s hair dryer roar fell silent. We took the bowl away, just when two sneaky pieces decided to make a last minute appearance.


  1. Oooh.. I'm so glad they decided to venture out! What an exciting way of putting it Abbey. I also love how you described it as a "steaming hot bullet zooming towards its target". It makes me want to make some popcorn now just to see what happens!
    But the best part of this whole text was when you referred to what it reminded you of.. The cold drizzly days under a blanket. I'm sure we have all had those days so it was great to be able to connect your memory to a memory of my own. Well done Abbey.. I love it! Miss D :)

  2. Wow Abbey, what a fantastic piece of writing.
    This is such a descriptive story that I now feel like some popcorn.


  3. Hi Abbey,

    Thank-you for reading us your story tonight. What an interesting and clever story. I loved the way you used your words and the creative way your story unfolds..

    Thanks Abbey


  4. Cool story hope there's another to look forward to.
    Where do you get the inspiration.
    Awesome story.

  5. Abbey - I love how you took a simple experience of making popcorn and used it to carefully craft a stunning piece of writing. You have used a variety of sentence structures, elaborating on ideas, along with clever inclusions of short sentences to add impact for your readers. I look forward to reading more of your work! Kiri