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Thursday, 22 October 2015

Hiding spot

1, 2, 3. She started counting. I raced off down the hall and into the laundry. I slid open the sliding door to where we keep our suitcases. To where they sat waiting to go on another adventure. I threw my leg over one of the suitcases and then the other. I slowly lowered my way down to the ground. The ground felt like ice, we never wasted money on heating the ground. I stuck my legs together and put my arms over them to make sure they stayed together. I took hold of my dads big black suitcase and quietly pulled it in front of me. The wheels made a low rumbling sound.

Then I heard my friend yell “Coming ready or not” I squeezed myself together trying to make myself as small as possible. My ears were searching for a sound but I couldn't hear anything. I smelt the refreshing smell of the laundry powder fighting against the musty smell from the suitcases. A small glimpse of light peeked its way through the bottom of the sliding door. I felt my heart thumping and I could hear my breathing getting heavier and heavier. I listened to the washing machine whirring continuously in the background.

I could hear footsteps getting closer and closer. A sickly feeling washed over me. I heard the door squeak open and the sound of her feet lurking along the frozen ground. “I know you're in here” said a cheeky little voice.” I'm a goner my mind kept saying to me. I pushed myself into the corner of the wall as hard as I could. The sliding door slid open and light filled what was once a dark cold gloomy place. “Aha, I found you” she said sounding very pleased with herself. I kept quiet not daring to make a sound I felt like it was unlikely she had seen me. “What!” She cried. “Hmm, looks like she's not in here” The sliding door shut closed blocking out the light and the cupboard turned cold and gloomy once more. Amazing! She hadn't seen me.

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