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Monday, 3 August 2015

Inquiry reflection

This term for inquiry we learnt about waterways. We did water monitoring every morning. We tested the pH and the TDS, TDS stands for total dissolved solids of the water. We also tested the turbidity and the temperature of the water. We also learnt about different types of pollutants for instance rubbish, car soap, liquids and car pollutants. I went to the museum to learn more about waterways. I learnt about aquifers that filter out pollution under ground. It takes hundreds of years for the aquifers to filter out the pollution in the water and then it becomes fresh drinking water. I went to Travis Wetlands to learn about different freshwater invertebrates like the Water boatman, the backswimmer, and freshwater plants like Raupo.

When learning about water monitoring Samantha and I decided to compare the pH of a green Kiwi fruit and a golden Kiwi fruit! pH is the level of acidity of a solution or mixture. We brought the two types of Kiwifruit to school. First we mashed up the two Kiwifruit in two separate bowls. One for the gold Kiwifruit and one for the green Kiwi fruit. We did this because we didn't want to get the two kiwifruit mixed together or it might change the pH levels. Second of all when both bowls of Kiwifruit are mushed down and are basically like liquid we got two pH indicator paper strips and put one in each bowl. To our surprise we discovered both Kiwi fruit had the the same pH levels, we predicted green Kiwi fruit to have the higher PH level!

Everyone also came up with a project to do to help spread awareness about pollution and our waterways. My group Samantha Geordie, Paisley and Bradley decided to make an iMovie to help people realise how important our waterways are and how we can stop the spread of pollution. We went to the Avon river to film our Imovie. Geordie and I were the news reporters, Samantha was the Environmentalist, Bradley was the demonstrator and Paisley was the camera person. We collected all the other movies people had made and put them all together. We shared the movies at end of the term finale. I think the finale went really well but we needed more seats for the adults to sit on. Overall I learnt so much about waterways this term.

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