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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Bruce the Bionic Butterfly

We were walking home from school, my mum my sister and I. We were outside He Tangata when my little sister looked down at the ground and said “look it's a monarch butterfly, and it's wing is torn”. We decided to bring it home and try to fix it, but we were prepared for the worst.

We called our patient Bruce because we found out male butterflies have 2 spots on each hind wing. Females are spotless, and Bruce had spots. Bruce stayed in the kitchen and on his menu was blueberries, honey and water. Although our hopes weren't high we decided to give fixing Bruce's wing a shot.

After watching an online video on how to fix a butterfly's wing the surgeons were ready! The tools were set! The room was dimly lit so that Bruce was calm. We had the butterfly held down with the coat hanger. We spread out his wings and cut a lightweight piece of cardboard and glued it to his wing, then glued the torn bit of wing onto the cardboard. We sprinkled some powder, well we used makeup, over the wing to make sure no glue stuck anywhere else on the wing.

We put him in recovery over night then in the morning we came to see if our hard work had payed off. We put the butterfly on the bench. Could it fly or not? It was the moment of truth. He started flapping his wings but was going nowhere. It hadn't worked and we had worked so hard! But then it took off, Bruce was flying, then smack into the light that was hanging from the ceiling!

Oh no I thought to myself, but that wasn't going to stop him. He got back in the air and flew around, then out the window! It was a moment of victory! And we could tell that he was very thankful. Apparently monarch butterflies return to where they are rescued from. So keep your eyes peeled because you might just see Bruce the Bionic Butterfly wearing makeup and cardboard around the school!

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