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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Water Testing Procces

Water testing process

Each day before Miss Webster comes to school she gets some water from the Avon river and brings it to school for us to do water testing on. We test the water to find out how healthy the water is and because we are learning about our local waterways.

When I got to school I got my iPad out of my bag and went over to the water testing table. I then went on my water testing sheet. Firstly I tested the pH. I got a strip of indicator paper and put it in the glass of water. The strip of paper changed colour because it is showing how much acid is in the water.

Secondly I looked carefully at the water to see if I could  see any bugs. Thirdly I put a TDS tester in the water to see how many solids had dissolved in the water. Fourthly I tested the turbidity of the water. I held up a book to the water and read each sentence. Each sentence was a different size. I wrote down the number of the sentence that I could read the best through the water, this part of the process measured the water’s clarity.

Then I took the temperature of the water with a thermometer. Sixth of all I smelt the water to make sure it didn't smell funny. Seventh of all I wrote what the weather was like because sometimes the weather affects the water quality and changes the accuracy of the data.

Over all I thought it was fascinating testing water and I learnt all about pH and TDS. I think water

testing was interesting.

By Abbey

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