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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Observational writing

Observational writing

The stem runs up the blades becoming the veins. The leaf has turned brown and the remaining bits of yellow run along the edge of the blades. The leaf looks like a big monster's claw reaching out. It's got small patchy holes and in some places the blades are torn.

The blades feel crispy and some of the blades feel thicker than others. The back of the leaf feels like sandpaper and the stem feels hard and thick. Some parts have turned brown and are wrinkled a bit like a prune. The end of the stem feels sharp and bumpy.

The leaf smells like a concrete pavement after it rained. The smell of the leaf reminds me of walking in a forest after it rained and smelling the strong smell of the bark off the ground and off the trees.

When I hold the leaf to my ear and rub it makes a rustling sound like crinkling paper or like the rustling of a chip packet. When you rub your finger against the stem it makes a squeaky sound a bit like rubbing your finger against a clean window.

Observational writing

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