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Sunday, 13 November 2016

Making the world a better place can be as simple as changing… Nothing! By this I mean, electronic devices are getting smarter, such as, phones, credit cards, computers and iPads. However, I believe in some cases technology is not helping the world, unfortunately simple things are being overtaken by technology.

Going to the toilet should be easy, right? Wrong!
I’m waiting in the line to go to the new electronically controlled toilet at the Margaret Mahy playground

I walk into the silver shiny toilet. Then a lady's voice starts speaking out of nowhere! “Hello and welcome, please press the button on the wall to lock the toilet.” I glare at the wall, there's three buttons! Which button do I push? She never told me which one.

I push one button and the door closes. Then the door opens! I push the other button, the door closes. I sit down on the toilet. Then the door opens! I jump up, I hit the last button and the door closes.

The voice comes back on. “You have 10 seconds until the toilet unlocks!” What, no, I'm under a time test as well! The pressure is rising. Now I have stage fright and nothing is happening! Now how do you flush this thing? There's no button, nothing, the lady isn't telling me what to do!

I move on to washing my hands, after a battle with the electronic toilet my hair is puffy, my clothes are wet and my shoes are covered in soap! I stand by the door ready for it to open. I wait, and wait, and wait! “Thank you for coming,” says the voice! The door slides open and calming music wafts through the speakers.

So, when doing simple things like going to the toilet, technology can make this simple task really difficult. Now I wish I could say it all ends here but...

When leaving the Margaret Mahy playground we jumped into our family’s new car. “Mum do you really know how to drive this thing” I ask? “Don't worry” she replies, “I don't have to think, it’s a self driving car”. Then the voice comes back. “Hello and welcome please push the button on the screen to start the car”. I look over at the screen.

              There’s three buttons!

Wednesday, 29 June 2016


It was the very first time i was in Showtime. This year, I had decided to give Showtime ago. We were performing Beauty and the Beast. I had practiced my lines a thousand times. We all waited around in the library for the show to start. We all had our costumes on with makeup itching on our faces, and butterflies fluttering around in our stomachs. The show came! We took a deep breath. Hearts pounding, we stepped out on stage and faced the crowd. I stood on stage with technicolor lights beaming down on me. My mum and dad were in the crowd giving me the urge to smile in a very serious scene. The show whizzed past and we were rewarded with a cheering, clapping crowd. After the show my mum and dad came to congratulate me. It was an amazing night and I couldn't wait to come back and do it all again. 

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Term 1 reflection

I am at relational with my beat knowledge. Which means I can identify beat in different things and can explain the purpose of beat. For example, when we talked about the different ‘beats’ during different times of the day, and why those particular ‘beats’ sound different. For instance, at lunch our beat is fast and Lively. If we're at the library we have a slower beat because we are calm and relaxed. Our class has to keep a beat (Pumanawatuna). We all have to put hard work into what we're doing and not be silly. We all have to work sensibly that way we can keep the beat flowing, Pumanawatuna.

We had to keep the beat when we performed and rehearsed our Bruno Mars song, which was a song that reflected the vibe of our Discovery Time, it shows what kind of beat or pulse that our Discovery Time activities have. We have to all play our role and contribute to our group to keep the beat, or our performance would be a mess. My next step is to extended abstract which means I need to learn to understand the purpose of beat and be able to reflect on my role and make improvements. 

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Mountain biking

                                            Pine needles blanket the track.
                                      My polished bike zooms along the track.
                                Dirt flies up and paints my bike brown and dirty.
                                         Towering trees sway in the wind.
                   The howling wind slaps my face as I glide further down the track.
                                    The track stretches out leading the way. 
                           Birds swoop out of there hiding place up in the trees.
                           Sudden sneaky turns unravel from behind the corner.

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

My special place

The inviting smell of fish and chips drifts through the air drawing the attention of hungry seagulls
Tiny insects scuttle around in the sand, coming to investigate the leftover crumbs 
The crisp sand flicks up in a swift breath of wind
A stunning little hut sits on the sand, its sticks peeling in the hot sun
The sea stretches out onto the shore trying to grab the sand castles that sit before it
The long grass dances with the wind swaying side to side.

Discovery Time Reflectoin

Today at discovery time I made a moodboard with Samantha's mum Louise, Cerys, Anzu and Natalya.

I had to listen to instructions to know what to do and when to do it. The colours I used were different shades of pink and blue. I decided not to do up a room in my house but to invent one. 

I decided to cut all my things out first and then glue them on. That way I would have all my things I wanted out of the magazine and wouldn't have to go back and forth.

I actually learnt what a mood board was. At the start I didn't know what a mood board was but then I learnt that it is when you design or do up a room in your house. You cut out all kinds of things you would like in that room and wallpapers you like as well. When you're finished the mood board shows what kind of things and colours you like. It also shows your personality. I think mine would be quirky.

 I struggled to glue on the thick blue card for my wall paper onto by board. I solved the problem by using the hot glue gun.

 I showed a growth mindset when I didn't have anything to do at discovery time and I wasn't sure whether I would like doing the mood boards but I decided to give it a go and I really enjoyed it. 

I want to show improvement by finishing off my mood board next discovery. Overall I am really happy I gave it a go and liked it.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016


The kernels were poured into the popcorn maker. It sounded like a piggy bank of coins being shook around. The popcorn maker started up. It's never ending hair dryer noise started. Then there was the sound of a short little pop. Out flew the first piece of daring popcorn ready to leave it's home and venture into the bowl. Then that little pop came again and out flew two more pieces. 

Soon the popcorn maker was spitting out heaps of mini little clouds. Little pieces of popcorn jumped up and down then they would fall back into the machine and thrown into the popcorn tornado. A welcoming smell of butter filled the air. Pieces of popcorn dogged the bowl as if they were playing a game of dodgeball. Out shot a little kernel. It flew threw the air like a steaming hot  bullet zooming towards it target. 

A piece of popcorn danced through the air and landed on my book. It felt bumpy and puffy like an old pillow. I picked it up. It was still a gentle heat. It gave my mouth a warm happy feeling and reminded me of cold drizzly days when I would be cuddled up on the couch with a blanket watching my favourite movie with popcorn. It made me feel calm and relaxed. The big yellow popcorn making monster’s roar became quieter. The last few pieces of popcorn were spat out. The monster’s hair dryer roar fell silent. We took the bowl away, just when two sneaky pieces decided to make a last minute appearance.